Project Description

This stadium has been the centre of sporting culture in Cali and the Cauca Valley since its inauguration in 1937. This has been the site of events as important as the VI Pan-American games in 1971, the Pacific games of 1995, the Colombian National games of 1954 and 2008, the 2001 Copa America, and the finals of the Copa Libertadores between Deportivo Cali and America de Cali.

The Pascual Guerrero Stadium, and the sporting complex that has developed around it, has been one of the most comprehensive sporting complexes in Latin America since the 1950’s.

Although it has been partially refurbished on several occasions for the different sporting events mentioned above, major structural improvements and upgrading was still needed for the 2011 FIFA Under-20’s World Cup.

Project Requirements

In 2009 complete refurbishment was planned ahead of the World Cup, including structural strengthening, remodeling of changing rooms, press facilities, broadcasting cabins, public evacuation zones, the installation of new seating throughout the stadium and the addition of a new giant screen.

The structure of the Pascual Guerrero Stadium is fair-faced reinforced concrete with no protective coating to prevent environmental attack and the subsequent process of corrosion on the steel reinforcement. The structure was already showing clear signs of deterioration on many of its structural elements.

Additionally, the structure required strengthening to meet the requirements of the latest Colombian Earthquake Resistance Regulations.

Sika Solutions

The Cali Stadium has experienced significant structural development. All of the stands were totally remodeled.

The initial structural repairs started with the removal of damaged concrete in structural elements, followed by: treatment of any exposed steel reinforcement and application of a corrosion inhibiting protective coating (SikaTop®-Armatec 108); injection and re-bonding of the structural cracks with low viscosity epoxy resin (Sikadur®-35 Hi Mod LV); repair and replacement of damaged concrete on the structural elements such as beams and columns with repair mortars (SikaTop®-122 and SikaRepair® 224).

The columns were then strengthened by increasing their dimensions with additional reinforced concrete; the new steel reinforcement was bonded into the structure and new metal truss beams were added to support the stands.

The foundations were strengthened with additional piles (14m long, 40-60 cm in diameter) and pile caps, plus new retaining walls were built to form new car parking decks. An epoxy resin based adhesive (Sikadur®-32 Primer) was used to bond the new concrete to the existing concrete. The super-plasticizing admixture (Sika Viscocrete® 2100) was used to make self-compacting concrete and cementitious grout (SikaGrout®-212) was used to connect the metal casings.

The terraces were protected by priming with Sikafloor®-156 CO and then coating the whole area with polyurethane resin based Sikafloor®-400N Elastic, to seal the top surfaces and resist the anticipated heavy traffic.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project

  • Sikalastic®-450
  • SikaTop®-122 Mortar
  • SikaTop®-121 Mortar
  • SikaRepair®-224
  • Sikalisto® Piso Mortar
  • Sikalisto® Resane
  • Sikadur®-32 Primer
  • SikaGrout®-212
  • SikaTop®-Armatec 108
  • SikaLatex
  • Sika ViscoCrete® 2100
  • Sika® Self-Priming Epoxy HS FZ Grey
  • Sika® Urethane Enamel White
  • Sikadur® Epoxy solvent
  • Sika® Urethane solvent
  • Sikafloor®-400N Elastic
  • Sikafloor®-156 CO Primer

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Project Participants

Owner: City of Cali
Contractor: Consorcio Reforzamiento IM
Year: 2011