Project Description

A wind farm of 40 wind turbines was built in Dorobantu, Constanta, Romania. It will contribute to environmental-friendly production of power for the Romanian market by making use of renewable energy resources.

Project Requirements

Turbines’ foundations are each roughly 800 m3, made of high strength concrete, so cracks were expected to show up in such cases. These cracks in the foundations should be bonded. The joint between foundation and the first ring of metallic tower had to be thoroughly sealed.

Sika Solutions

The cracks were first opened by a diamond cutting wheel, then they were filled with Sikadur®-31 N, applied by trowel. Injection packers were put both on the left and on the right side of the crack and Sikadur®-52 was injected through them until the full filing of the cracks. Total length of the cracks was on average 50 m per foundation Sealing of the joint between the tower and concrete foundation is solved by using crack-bridging systems composed of reinforced liquid applied membrane (LAM).

The LAM system should be applied onto surrounding area of the joints, on both UV exposed side of the concrete and the vertical wall which is to be ballasted with gravel.

The corresponding Sika solution includes Sikalastic®-601 BC/ -621 TC for UV exposed area and Sikalastic®-602 BR/ -622 TR for ballasted area. The systems were reinforced with Sika Reemat Premium and applied with 1,20 mm thickness average , which is standard for Sikalastic® MTC-12.

The surface was prepared by power washing at 350 bar in order to remove mud and cement milk. The concrete substrate was primed with Sika concrete primer applied by roller.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project

  • Sikadur®-31 N
  • Sikadur®-52
  • Sikalastic®-601 BC/-621 TC
  • Sikalastic®-602 BR/-622 TR
  • Sikalastic® MTC-12

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Project Participants

Owner: OMV-Petrom
General contractor: Strabag SRL
Subcontractor: Klaf Serv SRL
Sika organization: Sika Romania SRL