Project Description

The project consist in an earth dam with 1.300 hectare of reservoir, 116 meters high, with a central impermeable core, where the tunnel work was emphasized. The deviation tunnels and the adduction tunnels, which were 15 km long, with different diameters, were totally shotcreted with Sigunit®-L22 (1.100 tons), using a robot arm. Shotcrete was also used in the hillside where we have provided with two Aliva® -246 machines.

Project Data:

  • Investment: USD 312 millions
  • Power generation: 160,4 MW
  • Length of the dam: 480 meters
  • Concrete used to build the dam: 225.000 cubic meters
  • Shotcrete: 55.000 cubic meters
  • The dam was built for defense against floods, potable and irrigation water and power generation

Project Requirements

The on-site contractor required high quality products and ISO 9000 quality systems. Furthermore he asked for a considerable technical support with a mobile lab directly on the job site as well as a comprehensive training and local assistance. As Sika Argentina SAIC can guarantee all requirements we achieved becoming the providers of more than 90 % of the project within our product field.

Sika Solutions and Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project

  • Frobe C (10 tons)
  • Plastimixer (310 tons)
  • Sikament® (58 tons)
  • Sigunit®-L22 (1.100 tons)
  • Sika® ViscoCrete®-6 (12 tons)
  • Igas Tira (18.000 m)
  • Sikaflex®-11 FC (6.000 units)
  • Sika® PVC Waterbars type 22 (4.000 m)
  • SikaGrout® 212 (55 tons)
  • Sikadur®-42 (6.000 units)

As well as all the complementary products of the Sika Argentina
product line.

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