Project Description

Situated in what was previously known as the “Black Triangle”, due to the heavily polluted environment, and close to the borders of Poland with the Czech Republic and Germany, the Turów Power Plant is now the primary energy producer in the region. In the early 1990’s, there was 14’000 MW of power generating capacity from 10 plants within a 50 km radius of Turów. Following the numerous environmental improvements undertaken throughout this region in recent years, the area would now better be called the “Green Triangle”.

The Turów Power plant itself has won many ecological awards – In 2002, the plant received the Polish Ecology Leadership Prize in recognition of its environmental achievements. In 2004 it was awarded Poland’s prestigious “White Tiger Laurels” for technical achievement with its ecological retrofit.

Project Requirements

In 1988, one of the 9 large cooling towers in this power plant has collapsed due to serious deterioration of the reinforced concrete structure. This catastrophe has triggered a full survey of all such structures in Poland. It was found that several other cooling towers were also in a seriously deteriorated condition and therefore in need of immediate repair.

At the Turów plant itself, out of the remaining 8 towers, cooling tower #2 – was found to be so structurally at risk, that it had to be shut down and repaired immediately.

At this time, there were no specialist contractors, specialist access equipment nor established repair systems for cooling towers in Poland; therefore experienced contractors and well proven access and repair systems from Germany were selected and brought in to carry out this first project.

Then throughout 1990’s, in a planned programme of works, all of the remaining cooling towers and associated chimneys at the Turów plant were refurbished, initially by the same German contractors, who hired and supervised Polish sub-contractors so that they were able to take over and continue the projects.

Sika Solutions

The Sika® MonoTop repair system that was selected for the first cooling tower repair project has proved so efficient that the same technology has remained for the refurbishment of all of the towers and chimneys in the plant. Most of refurbishment works were in the end carried out by this local specialized contractor Savex, which is now due to the experience gained in this plant perceived as responsible, reliable contractor, operating in various countries, specializing in construction and refurbishment of large engineering structures.

For the internal coatings (Sika® Icosit®-2406 system), the tests conducted were adhesion (EN 1542) and water permeability (EN 1062-3).

For the external coatings (Sikagard®-700 S and Sikagard®- 680 S), the tests conducted were adhesion (EN 1542), water permeability (EN 1062-3), water vapor permeability (EN ISO 7783-2) and carbon dioxide permeability (EN 1062-6).

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project

  • Sika® MonoTop®
  • Sikacrete® PP1 TU
  • Sika® Icosit® 2406
  • Sika® Poxicolor
  • SikaCor® EG 5
  • Sikacrete® PP1 TU
  • Sikagard®-700 S
  • Sikagard®-680 S
  • Sikagard®-680 S

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Project Participants

Owner and investor: Turów Power Plant
Contractor: Savex
Sika organization Sika Poland Sp. z o.o., Sika Services AG
National Building Research Institute ITB (Instytut Techniki Budowlanej)