Project Description

Gösgen nuclear power plant was commissioned in November 1979. Its annual production is now nearly 8 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, which represents about 15% of the total Swiss electricity consumption.

Project Requirements

The emergency feed building at Gösgen nuclear power plant had to be strengthened as part of a general seismic upgrade. The four deionized water tanks, in which the reactor coolant is stored, did not meet the latest design standards. The tank walls had to be strengthened with a secondary strengthening system using prestressing techniques. To avoid restricting the operation of the plant, the strengthening works on each basin had to be completed in only 2 days.

Sika Solutions

Surface strengthening which could be applied in just a few hours was therefore necessary. The ideal solution was Sika® StressHead prestressed, chemically resistant CFRP plates, which could be applied in a very short time.They were also able to accommodate the transfer of tensioning forces at the ends of the plates, through concentrated end anchorages into the cross walls. Quality control had top priority. Every CFRP pre-stressing component of the Sika® StressHead system was able to be factory tested to tensioning force [+10%] before being actually installed on the site.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika product was used in the project

  • Sika® StressHead

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Project Participants

Client: Kernkraftwerk Gösgen-Däniken AG
Consultant: PlüssMeyerPartner AG, StressHead AG, Lucerne
Contractor: SikaBau AG, Kriens, VSL (Schweiz) AG
CFRP prestressing system: Sika StressHead System
Completion: 2004/2005