Project Description

The Mont Gex TDF Television Tower in Ain (01) is a relay transmitter for all types of telecommunications (television, radio, telephone etc). The structure is 88 m tall and consists of a square reinforced concrete base and lower section that was constructed in the 1960’s, surmounted by a metal pylon.

Project Requirements

A condition survey of the structure carried out by the CEBTP, supplemented by structural analyses from their Consulting Engineers, revealed the need to upgrade the structure. This was in order to comply with changes in the latest design and operating regulations, as well as an increase in the wind resistance (additional equipments and large telecommunications’ antennas).

Sika Solutions

In view of the number of sections requiring strengthening and the limited area available to take the vertical strengtheners, an innovative solution using carbon fibre plates Sika® CarboDur®, bonded to the concrete substrate was selected.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika product was used in the project

  • Sika® CarboDur®

Project Participants

Client: TDF
Project Manager: TDF – Engineering and Infrastructure Directorate
Quality Control Office: Socotec – Central Operations Directorate
Design Office: Eiffage TP – Civil Engineering Technical Service
Contractor: Résirep (Eiffage Group)