EKO Steel Works Cooling Tower

In one of Germany's newest towns stands the first cooling tower to be reinforced using carbon fiber (CFRP) strengthening technology which is a fabric by Sika called SikaWrap®.
The steel works near Fürstenberg (Oder) was founded in 1950. The EKO new town nearby was christened "Stalinstadt“, and was given its present name of "Eisenhüttenstadt" in 1961. The EKO steel works belongs to the largest steel group in the world, ARCELOR (a merger of ARBED (Luxembourg), ACERALIA (Spain) and USINOR (France)).

Turów Power Plant Cooling Tower

In 1988, one of the 9 large cooling towers in this power plant has collapsed due to serious deterioration of the reinforced concrete structure. This catastrophy has triggered a full survey of all such structures in Poland. It was found that several other cooling towers were also in a seriously deteriorated condition and therefore in need  of immediate repair.
The refurbishment project lasted 20 years. Sika  could give expert advice for the major concrete refurbishment programmes and durability assessments, which was very much appreciated.  Sika supplied concrete repair and protection systems to this project.

EDF Power Station Chimneys
EDF Power Station Chimneys, France

The EDF power station at Champagne-sur-Oise (95) was originally constructed during the 1960’s and it includes two 110 m tall reinforced concrete chimneys. Which needed badly to be repaired. The detailed inspection and analysis of the chimneys’ condition resulted in a recommendation for them to be structurally strengthened, particularly at the tops, to enable the necessary equipment to be safely and securely installed, despite the cracked condition of the concrete structures. Sika  could provide expert advice for the right solution and supplied Sika® CarboDur® structural strengthening system to the project.  

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