Project Description

SikaPaver® and Sika® ViscoCrete® Solutions for Semi-dry Concrete. Increase of strength and quality.

Project Requirements

The machines used for the production of these blocks were relatively old and their compaction effi ciency was limited. As a consequence the block densities and strengths did not always reach the required levels at the same time, the water absorption rate was also above the permissible limits.

Sika Solutions

SikaPaver® AE-1 was used at a dosage of 0,3% with the following results:

  • Higher initial and ultimate strengths
  • Increased density of the semi-dry concrete
  • Faster production due to reduced compaction times
  • Tremendously reduced water absorption
  • Tight and smooth sides of the blocks
  • Excellent visual appearance of the blocks

For the block producer this allowed an increased rate of production with higher quality and compliance of the finished products with the latest standards.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project

  • SikaPaver® AE-1

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