Grafton Bridge, New Zealand
Grafton Bridge, Auckland, New Zealand

The Grafton Bridge, Auckland, New Zealand, is to become a dedicated bus, cycle and pedestrian road and required strengthening to take the increased load of the anticipated 1500 bus movements each day. As a result of a testing program a scheme to strengthen the bridge using Sika CarboDur and CarboShear L plates was developed.

Colorado River Bridge, Hoover Dam Bypass Project, USA
Colorado River Bridge, Hoover Dam Bypass Project, USA

The bridge is nearly 700 m long, and crosses the canyon above and to the South of the Dam at a height of around 300m above the river.


A new concrete bridge deck was to be installed on this historic steel bridge while preserving the aesthetic. Sika provided a winning concrete admixture design for the bridge deck as well as steel corrosion protection solutions to fully refurbish the old bridge and bring it back to life.


The Second Penang Bridge is a dual carriageway toll bridge connecting mainland Malaysia with Penang Island, at a total length of 24 km, with the section over water being 16.9 km, making it the longest bridge in Southeast Asia. The bridge has been built to last 120 years without major maintenance. To achieve this goal, Sika provided a concrete mix design with low chloride permeability and a thick cover, using hydrophobic impregnations and curing compounds to ensure a long life.

The Sava Bridge, Belgrade, Serbia
The Sava Bridge, Belgrade, Serbia

The bridge is a 6 span, continuous superstructure with an overall length of 929 meters and deck width of 45.04 m.

Refurbishment of Gazela Bridge, Serbia
Gazela Bridge, Serbia

Refurbishment of Gazela Bridge, Serbia: Clients were impressed by Sika’s sound knowhow and excellent service.


This famous wooden bridge is over 200 years old and was built with an original design capacity of 12 tons. Local residents wanted to preserve the historic structure, yet it needed structural upgrades. With minimal visual impact, Sika’s structural strengthening solution of this timber bridge was part of a long-term study and was one of the first Sika CarboDur® strengthening projects on wooden structures.  

Bridge Refirbishment
Mount Road Bridge Interchange, South Africa

For the concrete repair/rehabilitation and protection of the interchange various Sika products were used.

Refurbishment of the Hawley Lane Bridge
M3 Hawley Lane Bridge, UK

The repair solution chosen included the installation of a new central bridge pier to support two existing outer piers.

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