18 kilometres (11 miles) south of Berlin city center, BBI Airport is a huge new airport under construction. It is scheduled to open in June 2012 after the first phase of construction is completed. This new airport will completely replace the three existing airports in Berlin.


The BBI Airport will be able to serve up to 50 million passengers and will be the third busiest airport in Germany and thirteenth busiest in Europe in 2012. A major railway station which is constructed under the airport's check-in terminal will provide several connections with the wider region and have direct link to Berlin main railway station. 

The construction work began September 5, 2006, including temporary access roads made with concrete, nineteen new road bridges as well as a network of approximately 20 km (twelve miles) of permanent roads, two runways (3,000 to 3,600 m and 4000m), new terminal buildings for incl. cargo facilities, business park incl. shopping centres and parking structures as well as industrial, commercial and office spaces, railway station with six tracks, and so on. Sika has been involved in the construction of this airport complex since 2006.

SIKA SOLUTIONS THROUGHOUT: SikaCor, Sikafloor, Unitherm ...

  • BBI terminal: SikaCor for steel structure corrosion, Unitherm for fire protection coatings, Sarnafil roofing solution Sikaflex and Sika Membrane system for joint sealing
  • Car park: Sikafloor for the whole car park deck, Sarnafil roofing solution
    Hangar Lufthansa: SikaCor for steel structure corrosion protection, Sarnafil roofing solution
  • Hangar Air Berlin and Germania: SikaCor for steel structure corrosion protection, Sarnafil roofing solution


  • Facility buildings, Colonade, Pier Technique, Pier North + South, Power station: Sarnafil roofing solution
  • Access bridge: Sika MonoTop, Sika Ergodur & -Ergobit
  • Access tunnel: Sikaflex Construction for joint sealing
  • Fuel tanks: Sika Permacor protection coating
  • Non runway airfield: Sika curing aids, Separol, Mould Release, Reparaturbeton, Grout-553
  • Others: Sika concrete admixtures for numerous precast parts from all over Germany, crushed stone impregnation