Abu Dhabi International Airport is an award-winning facility that is increasingly being recognised as the airport of choice. Liquid Plastics of Sika Group was working on two major areas within the airport – the VIP lounge and the main entrance canopy. The VIP lounge was originally built in 1992, along with the main airport terminal, and is an impressive dome shape designed to receive dignitaries and VIP’s.

The existing built-up waterproofing system and the cementitious shell cap on the exterior of the dome had cracked and begun to disintegrate – exposing the waterproofing system and causing major leaks. The ADAC’s engineers confirmed that the entire building needed renovating with the installation of an advanced waterproofing system that would also provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.


The main entrance to the airport has a canopy roof, designed to shade a 200 meter wide arc across the front of the terminal. This canopy was originally protected with Liquid Plastics’ ten-year SikaRoof® MTC system in 1992 and had now outperformed its design life by almost five years without any sign of failure.

The membrane had suffered some mechanical damage due to maintenance works and the installation of telecoms equipment on the canopy roof, therefore the engineers agreed to refurbish the roof and extend the life of the system with the application of a SikaRoof® MTC Top Up System. The project covers 5100 m² of roof space.


SikaRoof® MTC Built-Up Roofing System was specified for the refurbishment of the VIP lounge due to its versatility and ease of application to the curvature of the dome. The full system consists of Sikalastic® (Decotherm®) insulation mechanically fixed to the dome, a Carrier Membrane, and a Sikalastic® (Decothane®) Omega 15 waterproof ‘cap sheet’. The full system is completely cold applied and utilizes zero flame, zero heat technology in the form of Sika® Coldstick (Decostik®) – a revolutionary cold fusion adhesive.

The Sikalastic® (Decothane®) waterproof membrane was produced in a series of special colours, chosen to match the dome roof to the airport’s main building, and provides a completely seamless waterproof finish. When complete it is guaranteed to last for at least 15 years. The canopy roof was treated with a ten-year SikaRoof® MTC System in white, to provide enhanced solar reflective capabilities.


The main advantage of a top up system is that it can be easily applied to the existing waterproofing with minimum preparation required. The completed roof is now guaranteed for a further 10 years, but can be expected to last even longer.


ADAC was so impressed with the outstanding performance of the 1992 SikaRoof® MTC system that they were confident when choosing Liquid Plastics’ products for the new refurbishment works. In fact further work to the airport’s satellite buildings is also about to begin, again using a Sikalastic® (Decothane®) system. All of Liquid Plastics’ products are completely cold applied, thus eliminating the need for any heat or naked flame on the roof.

The use of a heat applied system could have proven dangerous, particularly on the dome roof which is over 12 meters high. All of Liquid Plastics’ systems have also achieved BBA approval, and once installed meet the highest fire ratings available. Pro-Tect Middle East is also a member of Liquid Plastics Quality Assured Contractor Programme, which means they are fully trained in the application of Liquid Plastics products, allowing Liquid Plastics to provide a guaranteed quality installation.