Steel structure protection for emirates hangars, Dubai Airport

Project Description

Emirates, Dubai’s own airline, is equipped with the most modern aircraft, Airbus and Boeing, and the number of passengers at Dubai International Airport has increased dramatically in recent years. To be prepared for the future growth, extension plans were implemented during which seven Emirates hangars for aircraft maintenance, coating and accommodation, including for the Airbus A380, were constructed.

Project Requirements & Sika Steel Protection Solutions

The hangars' steel structures needed to be protected against fire for 60 minutes, allowing time for people to escape and protecting the aircraft against major damage. Approximately 240.000 m² steel structure of the roof system was coated in the open air, but during construction unexpected heavy rain meant only a very fast protection method made continuation possible. Special precaution was also needed against strong winds to avoid a “sand paper” effect on the soft lacquer. All problems were resolved satisfactorily our experienced on-site technician.

The coating system was composed of anti-corrosion primer coat, Sika® Unitherm® 38091 interior, R 60 and Sika® Unitherm® 7854 top coat, RAL 9002. A total of 600 tons of Sika® Unitherm®, including the top coat, were used.

At the same time, the steel structure of the terminal extension was also fire-protected by Sika® Unitherm®. In this case the priority was the escape time during a fire, so the fire resistance time was set to 2 hours. The pedestrian bridges from the terminal to the airplanes were also coated against fire.

Other Sika Solutions

Besides the fire protection coating, the wall surfaces of the technical rooms were required to have minimal VOC / AMC or particle emissions, therefore Sikagard®-183 W CR was applied on the walls to meet the standard and approval.

Sika® Permacor® 136 TW was used for the interior coating of the drinking water facility to fulfil the local potable water standard.

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