Project Description

Named as Mountain Dwellings, this building is located in the Ørestad, 33’000 m2, a new urban development in Copenhagen, Denmark. It contains housing (1/3) and parking (2/3) in combining successfully the splendors of the suburban backyard with the social intensity of urban density.

Its visual appearance is stunning. The nice architecture design and successful construction have enabled it to be the Category Winner of World Architecture Festival 2008.

The residents of the 80 apartments will be the first in Ørestad to have the possibility of parking directly outside their homes. The gigantic parking area contains 480 parking spots and a sloping elevator that moves along the mountain’s inner walls. In some places the ceiling height is up to 16 meters which gives the impression of a cathedral-like space.

Project Requirements

The color design from facade to floor during the day and during the night makes the building unique from architectural point of view. Its app. 17’000 m2 parking area needs to be good-looking, easy to maintain, totally solid, traffic and mechanical resistant, slip resistant, crack bridge capable, protective waterproofing and abrasion resistant.

Sika Solutions

The parking floor area has been painted with Sikafloor®-161/261/325/358, and all the parking bays was coated with SikaCor®-EG 5 and slightly broadcasted with black bauxite. This was a job our Danish colleagues had together with a Danish contractor "Decorativa".

Thanks to our excellent decorative flooring systems designed especially for the use in commercial and residential buildings, colour, comfort and easy maintenance including the lowest VOC emission can be combined to fulfil the needs of the architecture design and the sustainable daily use.