Project Description

Q-Park is an international parking company with good to strong market positions in many European countries. Q-Park is committed to provide customers with good looking, safe and well lit parking facilities. They are designed for easy parking with well defined and spacious parking bays. Sika systems were used in 2 carparks of Q-Park: Tallaght Cross Q-Park(Belgard Square East, Tallaght, Dublin) and Q-Park Clerys Car Park ( Marlborough Street, Dublin).

Project Requirements

Q-Park Clerys Car Park was an extensive refurbishment project for Q-Park. Deteriorated concrete structure throughout the building including the decks needed to be repaired. Floors and walls were to be repainted to provide a protective, decorative and durable surface. The Tallaght Cross Q-Park was a new construction.

Sika Solutions

First of all, Sika systems are the coatings of choice for all the Q-Park throughout Ireland. Sika systems are the coatings of choice for all the Q-Park throughout Ireland.

Q-Park Clerys Car Park: deteriorated concrete was repaired using Sika® concrete repair mortars and decks were made good with Sika® levelling Mortar. 12’000 square meters if intermediate decks were finished with Sikafloor® 358, a tough, elastic, coloured epoxy deck was levelled and finished with Sikafloor® 350 flexible decking system. All floor and wall coating systems were applied by Epowit flooring contractors to provide a decorative, protective finish that will ensure the future integrity and extend the life of the structure.

Tallaght Cross Q-Park: it was completed in two phases (three levels each phase) with 80´000 square meters of Sikafloor®-263 intermediate deck coating being applied by the McLoughlin Group. They also applied 100´000 square meters of Sikagard® Elastocolor W to the walls, columns and soffits.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project

  • Sikafloor® 358
  • Sikafloor® 350
  • Sikafloor®-263
  • Sikagard® Elastocolor W

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Project Participants

Client: Q-Park
Project Manager: Sika Ireland
Contractor: Epowit, McLoughlin Group