Project Description

Water channel for forestry purpose became degraded and must be maintained. It is essential that the renewal work is done without destroying and disturbing the environment. Water channel of 500 m2 in total is refurbished and renewed.

Project Requirements

The material must fulfill not only the waterproofing performance requirement of JIS A 6021, but also the coated surface must perform abrasion resistance. High durability as well as the crack bridging follow-up characteristics is required.

Sika Solutions

Water channel is washed by high pressure water jet. After cracked surfaces being refurbished and leveled using cement mortar, Dialax® Super #60, the joints are re-sealed. The substrate surface is primed by Sikaprimer® PW-F (Resitect® PW-F), and thereafter 2c fast curing PU spray system Sikalastic® CV Spray has been sprayed.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project

  • Dialax® Super #60
  • Sikaprimer® PW-F
  • Resitect® PW-F
  • Sikalastic® CV Spray

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Project Participants

Owner: Uenohara community for forestry
General Contractor: Subaru Ltd.
Applicator: Subaru Ltd.
Sika company: Dyflex, Japan