Project Description

At the Drinking water treatment plant of Yachiyo-city, water tanks must be maintained. Total water tanks surface area of 3550 m2 must be refurbished and waterproofed.

Project Requirements

The lining must have an approval for drinking water application JWWA K-143. The system of Sikalastic® JW fulfills not only the waterproofing performance requirements according to JIS. A 6021, but also ensures the elastic movement under earthquake. It is essential that the plant provides drinking water even under such disaster environment.

Sika Solutions

After ballasting the concrete substrates using ultra high pressure water jet and refurbishing the necessary cracks using cement mortar, Dialax® Super #60, Sikaprimer® EP-F (Resitect® EP-F) has been applied, thereafter 2c fast curing PU spray system Sikalastic® JW (Resitect® 5000 JW) has been sprayed.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project

  • Dialax® Super #60
  • Sikaprimer® EP-F (Resitect® EP-F)
  • Sikalastic® JW (Resitect® 5000 JW)
  • Sikalastic® JW

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Project Participants

Owner: Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture
General Contractor: JV of Takenaka Civil and Kikusho Corp.
Applicator: Chiba corrosion protection and lining applicators association
Sika company: Dyflex, Japan