At the Waste Water Treatment Plant of the City of Eckernförde, 3 Flushing Water Tanks had to be maintained. The WWTP re-works the sewage of approx. 35.000 people, living in the region. The Flushing Water is used to clean pipes and filters in the biological treatment area.
The total surface to be covered for each tank is approx. 280 m².
Therefore approx. 840 m² had to be coated.


The interior lining has to be water tight, crack bridging, resistant to communal waste water and fast curing due to short break down times.


After shot blasting the concrete surface a pore filling scratch coat of Sikagard®-720 EpoCem has been applied, followed by the total solid epoxy primer Sikafloor®-161 and the top coat Sikalastic®-844 XT.

Project Participants

  • Owner: City of Eckernförde
  • Contractor: Krumme, Kläranlagen Spezialbau
  • Supplier: Sika Deutschland GmbH