Build in 1975 and increased in 1991, the WWTP of Evry has undergone heavy refurbishment in order to rehabilitate some aging structures and to create some news in order to achieve the new requirements for the clean water to evacuate.


  • „Settlement tank
  • „„Clarifier tank
  • Water zone of the biological tank
  • „„Gutter of flocculation tank

New Structures

  • „Digester dome
  • „„Sludge treatment building
  • Apron and retention tanks
  • Pits and slabs of decanting zones

It was required that the refurbishment works were carried without disruption or interruption to the plant operation. Additionally, all products used, were required to fulfil the requirements of the relevant part of the EN 1504.


Sika could provide a technical solution for each application:

Digester protection:

Sikagard® STEP B (comprising of: Sikagard®-720 EpoCem®,
Sika® Betonol® G-270, Sikagard® Armature BX-500,
Sika® Epiter® TF-130
) – chemical protection

Retention tanks protection:
Sika® Asplit® VEL 1 (comprising of Sikagard®-720 EpoCem®,
Sika® Asplit® VEL, Sikagard® Armature MT-450
) – chemical protection

Structural reinforcement:
SikaWrap® and Sika® Carbodur®
– carbon fabric and laminates

Concrete Protection:
Sikagard®-680 S clear glaze
– Protective coating

Concrete Repair:
Sika MonoTop®-910 N
– exposed steel protection
Sika MonoTop®-612 F – Polymer modified repair mortar
Sika® Icoment®-520
– Resurfacing mortar

Technical building floors:
– Epoxy floor

Project participants
Investor: Communauté d’agglomération Evry Centre Essone
Subcontractor: E.P.I.