Project Description

Waterproofing of existing and newly concreted parts of the Train Wash Facility was necessary. Project size: 300 m². State of the Art Train Wash, Trains can be washed three dimensional.

Project Requirements

One challenge was, that the Train Wash Facility of the SBB in Basel had to be waterproofed during the cold month of January.

Existing parts and new concreted parts had to be coated to get a uniform, crack bridging, abrasion resistant and durable result.

Sika Solutions

The surface to be coated was blast cleaned, primer and scratch coated with Epoxy Primer Sikafloor®-161, broadcasted with quartz sand 0,3–0,9 mm, followed by a 2 mm waterproof Polyurea Sikalastic®-841 ST.

After these works the actual train wash unit was installed. Resulting penetrations were closed with joint sealants and coatings of our wide range of materials.

Sika Products

In addition the following Sika products were used in the project

  • Sikafloor®-161
  • Sikalastic®-841 ST

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Project Participants

Owner: Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB
Contractor: SikaBau AG CH-Kriens
Supplier: Sika Schweiz AG, Zürich