Remove the old ballast system (e.g. Roof garden including protection layer) down to the existing roof waterproofing membrane.
The existing roof build-up must be checked. Inspection holes at the existing roof build-up will help to analyse the roofing system. The Sika Roofing expert will specify the appropriate measures.
Before the new Sika roof waterproofing membrane is installed, apply a separation layer (e.g. S-felt T 300) onto the existing roof waterproofing membrane. Possibly adjust thermal insulation to actual regulation.

Then install:
New Roof waterproofing membrane e.g. Sarnafil® TG 66-15,
Protection layer (e.g. Sarnavert® Aquadrain 550),
Roof garden (e.g. Soil with plants).

Sika System

  • Soil with plants (min. 80 mm thick and 80 kg/m2)
  • Drainage Layer Sarnavert® Aquadrain 550
  • FPO Membrane Sarnafil® TG 66
  • PIR/EPS/XPS insulation
  • Vapour control layer Sarnavap® 3000 M
  • Concrete deck