Mechanical scrapper movement yields to heavy stress combining vibration and abrasion.
Although cost effective, cement based products do not resist much against stress from vibration of the scrapper and therefore do not last long.


Sika proposes for this usage either epoxy or PU based grout /adhesive to fix the metallic rolling cladding on the running surface of the scrapper.


  • 3-pack epoxy grout
  • High early strength and fast curing
  • Stress and impact resistant
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High vibration resistance

Sika® Icosit® KC 330 FK

  • 2-pack, solvent-free polyurethane adhesive
  • High initial adhesion
  • Vibration reducing
  • Noise absorbing
  • Not requiring temporary fixation

Alternatively to the fixing of a metallic rolling cladding on the running path, it is also possible after surface repair of the localised damages, to apply a tough elastic coating such as Sika® Elastomastic® TF which is extremely resistant to shock and impact while having chemical resistance and good elasticity.