The breakthrough in accelerated sealing and bonding

The PowerCure system boasts a number of innovations that make it an extremely reliable work companion offering outstanding user comfort. Throughout its development, quality, user ergonomics and performance were the key focus areas.

Quality – Swiss engineered and assembled with reliable partners

Sika is a world leader in adhesives and sealants. We took care to find the best partners to develop this technology. At Sika we know about the critical aspects of the application, but we aren’t experts in making application guns or packaging solutions. With CEKAtec, an expert in the development and manufacturing of battery driven power tools, and Sulzer Mixpac, the leader for mixing, metering and dispensing, we succeeded in bringing together the know-how of three leading Swiss companies. Only with this strong partnership was it possible to make PowerCure a reality.

Development and Manufacturing Partners

User – System Ergonomics as the key to success

From the very beginning we analyzed the working and handling procedures of users in the field. Every little step was questioned; every aspect of the system was tested together with users and constantly challenged. We aimed to make using PowerCure as simple as using a single component product; we believe it is. In many ways, it’s even simpler and faster.

Performance – Versatility from high speed to long working time

We did not start with a dispenser; we started with the highly precise pumps used on manufacturing lines. PowerCure offers the most reliable dosing technique on the market, paving the way for a highly versatile range of solutions that provide the best match for every application. PowerCure not only delivers the fastest curing adhesives, it also allows for a long working time followed by fast strength build-up. And all this irrespective of curing climate, application speed or location of the application.