Isocyanate-free Direct Glazing and Assembly Bonding system

Sikaflex®-558 PowerCure is designed for assembly and direct glazing applications in commercial vehicles. Sikaflex®-558 PowerCure exhibits excellent weathering and tooling properties and is suitable for exterior sealing joints. It is based on Sika’s STP (Silane Terminated Polymer) Technology; it is free of phthalates and isocyanates.

It is also available as Sikaflex®-558 as a one-component adhesive or in combination with
Sika Booster for bulk application.  

Your Benefits

  • Free of isocyanates, solvents, PVC and phthalates
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications; from assembly bonding, glazing to interior and exterior joint sealing
  • Accelerated adhesive system for fast adhesion, curing and strength build-up
  • Resistant against a wide variety of rail cleaning agents

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