PowerCure adhesives for rapid joint sealing

PowerCure is Sika’s new platform for accelerated adhesive and sealant systems. PowerCure’s dynamic mixer ensures homogenization of the two components, yielding a tool-able sealant that is fully cured within hours. The result is an ideal solution for large sealing joints in various applications.

Because joint sealants make up only a small portion of the monetary value of a project, they are often considered an unimportant detail. However, joint sealants play a major role in keeping an object air- and watertight and thus prevent potential damage which could result in unforeseeable costs.

Benefits at a glance

  • Low investment
  • Easy application, makes hard-to-reach jobs manageable
  • Flexible handling, no power cables, hoses or compressors
  • Fast curing, nearly independent of curing conditions

PowerCure Systems for joint Sealing in Transportation

Sika offers a range of products that are designed for exterior joint sealing in transportation. Some of the key systems are available as accelerated curing products based on the PowerCure platform.

Sikaflex®-268 PowerCure

Sikaflex®-268 PowerCure meets all relevant standards of the railway industry. It is designed
for accelerated glass bonding and joint sealing.

More information about Sikaflex®-268 PowerCure.  

Sikaflex®-558 PowerCure

Sikaflex®-558 PowerCure is the first PowerCure adhesive based on Sika’s STP technology,
providing an isocyanate-free accelerated bonding solution. It is designed for accelerated glass bonding and joint sealing.

More information about Sikaflex®-558 PowerCure.

Sikaflex®-223 PowerCure

Sikaflex®-223 PowerCure is designed for bonding organic glass, combining high electivity,
which is needed to cope with the thermal expansion of organic glasses with accelerated curing.  It can also be used for exterior sealing thanks to its excellent weathering characteristics. Sikaflex®-223 is available as 1C product and accelerated PowerCure version.

More information about Sikaflex®-223 PowerCure.