PowerCure adhesives for more flexibility on-site

The PowerCure system is a highly mobile and reliable companion for on-site jobs. Because of its unique characteristic of being unaffected by environmental conditions, PowerCure is ideally suited for bigger on-site applications where ease of use is a must.

Nowadays, many on-site jobs are done using one-component structural silicone. The biggest advantage of this is its ease of handling. The down side is that curing speed is heavily dependent upon climatic conditions. Extreme temperatures restrict application time and logistics need to be planned according to weather forecasts.

A two-component silicone system, however, eliminates climatic constraints but is hindered by issues with the equipment required and by costly cartridges. In a revolutionary leap, the “boosted” one-component silicone used in Sika’s PowerCure system combines the benefits of both one- and two-component systems by merging a climate-independent and quick-curing adhesive along with the utmost ease in manual application.

Benefits at a glance

  • Low investment
  • Reduced waste
  • Easy application, makes hard-to-reach jobs manageable
  • Flexible handling, no power cables, hoses or compressors
  • Fast curing, nearly independent of curing conditions

Façade and window repair

The PowerCure system provides straightforward on-site application for glass replacement jobs. With its unmatched ergonomic design, it handles like a one-component device. And since it cures like a two-component adhesive, conditions such as air humidity and lower temperatures have almost no influence over joint bite. Moreover, the battery-driven PowerCure system runs without cables or a compressor, meaning there is almost no limit to how it can be used, including working in harsh outdoor conditions typical for façade repair.