PowerCure adhesives for Vehicle Glass Replacement

The PowerCure system delivers unmatched performance for repair applications that require a fast turnaround time like glass replacement of passenger cars and commercial
vehicles.  PowerCure is designed to work under the harsh outdoor conditions typical for the vehicle glass repair and replacement industry.   


  • Unmatched turnaround time / Safe Drive Away Time for commercial vehicles
  • Fast curing, nearly independent of curing conditions
  • Returns vehicle back to original stiffness levels within minutes
  • Easy application

New performance level for vehicle glass replacement

PowerCure adhesives not only shorten the Safe Drive-Away Time to a minimum, they are also cured within minutes to the level specified by vehicle manufacturers. PowerCure adhesives reinforce the car body structure to the original level within minutes, and they do all of that independently of the curing climate. The combination of shortest Safe Drive-Away Time, fastest through curing and unmatched user comfort is the ideal solution for getting vehicles back on the road without compromising safety and quality.

SikaTack® ELITE

The ideal choice for passenger car glass replacement. Windshields installed with SikaTack® ELITE return the vehicle to original stiffness, safety and comfort within 60 minutes after installation.

More information about SikaTack® ELITE.

Sikaflex®-271 PowerCure

The ideal choice for large windshields in bus or truck glass replacement. Sikaflex-271® PowerCure combines ideal working time with accelerated curing.

More information about Sikaflex®-271 PowerCure.  

Sikaflex®-268 PowerCure

Sikaflex®-268 PowerCure meets all relevant standards of the railway industry. It is designed for accelerated glass bonding and joint sealing.

More information about Sikaflex®-268 PowerCure.

Sikaflex®-558 PowerCure

Sikaflex®-558 PowerCure is the first PowerCure adhesive based on Sika’s STP technology, providing an isocyanate-free accelerated bonding solution. It is designed for accelerated glass bonding and joint sealing.

More information about Sikaflex®-558 PowerCure.