How to decide what repair solution is needed for your damaged wood?

Water intrusion between wood and deck may lead to fouling of the wood. It is recommended to control the deck periodically and repair non tight areas before the whole deck is affected or part of the wood detaches from the deck due to the wood expansion with permanent water contact.

Deciding whether or not a wooden deck needs to be repaired is not always easy.

  1. First, it must be established that a joint has failed or the wood has been damaged enough to cause a problem. Each and every joint should be closely inspected. Any points at which there is a small gap or crack in the caulk should be marked with distinctive chalk.
  2. Second, the wood surface should also be closely examined for undue wear, gashes, splitting or splintering and should be marked with chalk in a similar way. However, parts or all of damaged planks should be replaced, according to how badly they are damaged.

For further details on the application steps, refer to application guideline.