How to replace damaged teak planks?

To replace damaged teak planks from the deck first completely remove the caulking from the joints around any planks that are to be removed.

Remove the damaged plank, taking care not to damage the substrate.

Remove any old adhesives, bedding or other foreign matter from the substrate and
remove the jointing material from around the edge of neighboring planks.

Use Sikaflex®-298 as a bedding compound and pre-treat the teak planks with Sika® Multiprimer Marine or Sika® Primer-290 DC prior of application according (check pre-treatment chart). Caulk the joints with Sikaflex®-290 DC PRO the teak deck caulking material. Sand deck with a belt sander or flat plate after safe sanding time as indicated in guideline

For good results follow detailed instructions and download application guideline or contact your local Sika representative.