Sika’s system solutions for waterproofing cover the full range of technologies used for below and aboveground waterproofing: flexible membrane systems, liquid-applied membranes, waterproofing admixtures for mortars, joint sealants, waterproofing mortars, injection grouts, and coatings. Key market segments include basements, underground parking garages, tunnels, and all types of water-retaining structures (for example reservoirs, storage basins, and storage tanks). Waterproofing systems are faced with increasingly stringent requirements regarding sustainability, ease of application, and total cost management. Therefore the selection of appropriate waterproofing systems to suit the needs and requirements of owners as well as the solution of specific project details are key for long-lasting and watertight structures.


Our most recently launched solutions are the innovative SikaProof® systems for below ground waterproofing. These fully bonded systems consist of a surface modified, highly flexible polyolefin membrane. Due to the fullbond on the hard concrete, the sealant/adhesive of the SikaProof® system prevents any lateral water underflow between the membrane and the concrete in case of any local damages of the membrane. For leaking structures Sika has developed a flexible cement based injection material called Sika® Injection-701 for stopping of structural leaks. This unique material combines the advantages of cement suspensions and swelling injection materials, allowing applicators to fill and seal durably honeycombs, gaps,voids and cracks in concrete structures.