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  • Sublime Cars, Safe Floors

    Sublime Cars, Safe Floors

    The Ferrari Garage in Greater Manchester, UK, planned to refurbish the workshop’s floor. It was vital that the new system contained hard-wearing, non-slip properties, whilst offering a smooth, seamless finish to benefit mechanics andexquisite motors alike. Sikafloor®-263 SL, a two-part, multipurpose binder system, proved ideal.

    Why prestigious cars need perfect flooring systems ...
  • Air quality triggers health conditions

    Air quality triggers health conditions

    Sika provides low emission flooring solutions, which fulfil all requirements for indoor air quality in buildings. Specific Sika flooring solutions are produced for clean room facilities that have the lowest levels of emissions.

    How Sika flooring solutions contribute to sustainable construction
  • Future of Automotive

    Future of Automotive

    Sika’s automotive solutions make vehicles lighter, stronger, safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. Trends such as lightweight design, electromobility and, heightened passenger safety are feasible only with innovative sealants and adhesives as well as structural strengthening components.

    Photo: Assembly of Sika Baffles®.

    Gain insights into Sika high-quality solutions
  • How to reap the benefits of local value chains

    How to reap the benefits of local value chains

    Armando García Yáñez. Operations Manager Sika México, explains how targeted investments translate into true market advantages.

    Photo: The new polymer reactors at the Sika plant near Mexico City stantially shorten production times of high-performance concrete admixtures.

    See Video on domestic value chain with local products
  • How Sika engages in sea conservation

    How Sika engages in sea conservation

    Sika Thailand produces about 80,000 tons of mortars, admixtures and resins per year. Major waste volumes are cement and sand, which so far have been sent to landfill. A new cooperation with a local naval school was started to use these materials to fix their buildings and roads, and to recycle the material into concrete cubes for coral reef reforestation.

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  • Why silicone adhesives are the answer for glass facades

    Why silicone adhesives are the answer for glass facades

    Ulli Müller, Head of Corporate Marketfield Engineering, and Manuel Friedel, Head of Research and Development of Sika’s Silicone adhesives and sealants, are giving insights into the world of Sika high-strength solutions for facades.

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