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  • Sika Roofs for Boeing

    Sika Roofs for Boeing

    Troy Gamba is an in-house roof consultant. His job is to prepare roof specifications and support Boeing when it comes to planning roof renovations and choosing materials. Boeing first used Sika Sarnafil® roofing membranes in 1996, and since then 91 projects have been completed using Sika Sarnafil® products.

    Photo: Kevin Vaughn, Sika, Troy Gamba, Boeing, and Steve Shaver from Sika on the roof of one of Boeing's Everett plants near Seattle.

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  • Structural Glazing

    Structural Glazing

    Silicone adhesives are the only approved choice for structural glazing applications in architecture due to their high UV resistance and stability under extreme temperatures. Sika silicone solutions already are the answer to requirements of owners and architects.

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  • Smiling Gecko

    Smiling Gecko

    In the area north of Phnom Penh, Smiling Gecko runs several construction projects with a regular, strong construction activity. Sika supports with this cooperation community projects in Cambodia

    Community Work in Cambodia


    With a full suite of Automotive bonding, damping, sealing and reinforcing solutions, the results of our applications are exponential.

    Beyond the Bond, see media release
  • 2016: Record Results

    2016: Record Results

    - Record results for sales, earnings and operating free cash flow
    - Sales of CHF 5,747.7 million achieved (+5.5% in local currencies)
    - Net profit increased to CHF 566.6 million (+21.8%)
    - Growth in all regions
    - 9 new factories opened, 4 national subsidiaries established, 4 acquisitions
    - Strategic targets for 2020 raised

    Media Release: Result 2016
  • Adhesives for Wind Power

    Adhesives for Wind Power

    By 2050, wind power could account for 25-30% of global electricity supply. Sika provides the right adhesive for bonding highly stressed wind turbine blades. Sikadur® WTG-1280 LD for example is a tough, high-strength, solvent-free, thixotropic epoxy adhesive. It is used for structurally bonding highly stressed components in the assembly of wind turbine blades.

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  • Digital Construction

    Digital Construction

    The new building technology “Mesh Mould” was awarded with the Swiss Technology Award in the “Inventors” category. It was developed by scientists from ETH Zurich in collaboration with Sika experts, and allows the production of concrete elements of any shape without using concrete frameworks.The new Mesh Mould technology, supported by Sika, is a step further towards a more sustainable and digital future in the construction business.

    Cooperation between Sika and ETH Zurich

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