Roofing Solutions beyond the expected

No Ceiling in Sight for Roofing Solutions

In the movies, the roof is often a thrilling place for a kiss, a huddle, or dodging bullets from the bad guys. But in the real world, a durable roof is a necessity that should not be overlooked. Whether it’s our possessions, our family, or our pets – roofs protect what we value most. 

Indeed, the decision about whether to fix that leaky roof is not really a choice. Building a high-quality roof – or repairing one – comes right below food in terms of priorities. That’s why Sika takes pride in adding value to the tops of our citadels. Every year, more than 100 million square meters of Sika roofing membranes are installed worldwide. 

Roofs are the most critical area of a building. They are exposed every day to hazards and can be damaged over time. The roof protects building occupants and the interior from hazards. It must be built to last.

Sika’s roofing systems can not only withstand the rain, wind, snow, hail, and other harsh conditions for decades, they are also environmentally sustainable.  

Solar roof in Frederick USA.
Image: Solar roof in Frederick USA.
Construction worker applying Sikalastic liquid applied membrane on Congress Hall roof in Berlin Germany
Image: Construction worker applying Sikalastic liquid applied membrane on Congress Hall roof in Berlin Germany

Roofs for all sizes and seasons

Proven performance over time is perhaps the signature attribute of Sika roofing systems, which are known for watertightness, energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. This longevity under real-world conditions is good for all construction types and in all types of climates.

Sika began its roofing business in Switzerland back in 1962. Through a series of acquisitions, including Sarnafil (2005), Liquid Plastics (2009), Dyflex (2014), and American Hydrotech (2021), the company became a global leader in roofing material technology, and now offers many technologies for different building types and applications, including exposed roofs, cool roofs, solar roofs, gravel ballasted roofs, green roofs, and utility roof decks.  The acquisition of industry leader Rmax in 2016 strengthened Sika’s roofing business with its powerful innovations for wall and roofing insulation.

The main technologies deployed by Sika’s roofing business include singly ply PVC membranes, Polyolefin membranes, Liquid applied membranes (1-C PU, 2-C PU, Acrylic) and Bitumen. Sika's roof systems, such as Sarnafil®, Sikaplan®, Sikalastic®, and SikaShield®, are some of the most reliable and sustainable roofing solutions in the world today. Sarnafil®AT is the first and only thermoplastic elasomer roofing membrane in the market to be Cradle to Cradle Certified®. This versatile, easy-to-apply waterproofing membrane contains some recycled roof material. It is resistant to UV exposure, wind, hail, and all other common environmental influences.

Since 1920, Sika has become famous for its top-quality polyurethanes, a base material technology for liquid membranes. Sika’s innovations resulted in new advanced technologies such as SikaRoof® MTC. These systems give clients new level of reliability and security, workability, and longevity. Sika offers reinforcements, primers, carrier layers, and installation tools for roofing. Moreover, Sika refurbishment solutions extend the life of roofs by using the existing buildup as a base for the new system.

Transmuting the elements

Green roof with single-ply membrane installed on Music City Center in Nashville in USA
Image: Green roof with single-ply membrane installed on Music City Center in Nashville in USA

Sika’s solutions for cool and green roofs are valuable not only on the buildings they are applied to, but also for the surrounding city ecosystem. Thanks to increased reflectivity, cool roofs reduce building energy consumption, which reduces the urban heat island effect. Solar reflectivity is the most important characteristic of a roofing membrane to save energy during the warmer months. Annual energy savings of 10% or more are possible with Sika membranes that reflect ample sunlight. Cool roofs also contribute to better air quality.

Similarly, green roofs are ideal for architects who want improved sustainability, biodiversity, and quality of life. With green roofs, soil is planted with vegetation over the waterproofing membrane. Green roofs improve the microclimate, reduce the heat-island effect, enhance building aesthetics, and control water runoff.

So, while rooftops inspire movie directors with iconic backdrops, they are now also inspiring engineers to use them wisely for channeling energy and the elements, and Sika is helping them utilize exciting new possibilities. Today, demand is rising quickly for energy-efficient, high-quality roofs. With more than 60 years of roofing experience around the world, Sika is serving the construction industry with state-of-the-art roofing systems that are both sustainable and long-lasting. 

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