Everyday Innovation

Sika’s ability to adapt to fast-moving markets has fueled the creation of innovative products and renewable working methods everywhere we operate. Our solutions are designed to generate long-term customer benefits that meet global net zero emission targets.

Sustainable Solutions in Battery Technologies

Electrification and the adoption of renewable energies are vital opportunities that can lead us towards a more sustainable future.

Today, the transport industry accounts for almost 20% of all global CO2 emissions. Sika is helping to address this by developing high-performance renewable battery systems for transport and sustainable energy production.

Watch our video on Sika Battery Solutions to learn more.

reCO2ver® Concrete Recycling

reCO2ver® is a groundbreaking innovation that enables Sika customers to separate and reuse components of demolished concrete.

The process reuses concrete demolition waste, recovering raw materials and binding CO2 to create new, high-quality concrete. As one of the world’s top manufacturers of concrete admixtures, Sika believes reCO2ver® is a unique opportunity that will lead the construction industry toward more sustainable practices.

Watch our video on reCO2ver® to learn more.

Sika Ghana Team

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