Sika's success story is based upon strong sales and marketing teams who are close to their customers, know about thier needs and are able to anticipate future market trends.  

Sika is the place to shine with your best talent in marketing or sales.

"At Sika, the sky is the limit for marketing. We have constantly interesting challenges, from brand integrations to product launches to customer mapping or market research, and the organization gives us the space and the voice to make it happen." Stefanie Menusso, Head of Corporate Marketing

Why work in marketing at Sika?

  • B2B, B2C, and B2B2C – diversity of customer profiles 

  • Wide range of products, systems and technologies from Construction to Industry and Automotive applications (see our target markets)

  • Continually growing relevance of marketing within the organization 

  • New opportunities especially in strategic marketing, analytics and digital channels• Enterprise marketing toolkit available

  • Global organization present in over 100 countries with corporate, regional and local marketing teams, many of whom work closely with sales and customers

Why work in sales at Sika?

  • Strong brand with leading position in most markets

  • Expansive portfolio of technologies across the Construction, Industrial and Automotive sectors

  • Highly technical, durable and well-proven products suitable for a range of applications – waterproofing, roofing, concrete, sealing, bonding, flooring, engineered refurbishment, building finishing, industry and automotive (see our target markets)

  • Resilient performance despite volatile economy, achieving record results and sales (see results from 2022)

  • Opportunities to grow with the company via geographic, portfolio or channels responsibilities

  • Continuous investment in professional development through several technical and business training 
"Working in sales for a leading company such as Sika gives you the chance to constantly explore new business opportunities and take the best out of your entrepreneurial skills. Professional development is inherent to company’s culture and backed by an extraordinarily strong brand and a very customer-oriented strategy." Luis Almela, Regional Business Development Manager TM Eng. Refurbishment EMEA
Rosa Romualdo, VP Residential Refurbishment, Sealing & Bonding: "Sika performs well in many markets, and the people who make this happen include R&D, our salespeople, our support services, technical services and our customer service. The camaraderie here is key to our success."
Image: Rosa Romualdo, VP Residential Refurbishment, Sealing & Bonding
Fiona Gale - Senior Marketing Manager: Sika believes in the power of marketing and its crucial importance to business growth.
Image: Fiona Gale - Senior Marketing Manager

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