Sika provides comprehensive product solutions for all projects in building and infrastructure construction worldwide. Additionally, Sika’s project support approach provides in-depth consultative support for our full product range and represents a single point of contact into the extensive Sika network of experts.

Sika's Project Support Approach

Expertise Through All Project Phases

Sika has engineering and technical experts throughout the organization that can provide product solution support through all project phases from conceptual design through construction and even into long-term maintenance and refurbishment. Sika has provided support on many of the world’s most impressive and challenging projects.

Early engagement with Sika and our in-house professionals, many of whom are architects, engineers or construction experts, can help work through the many challenges and complexities that modern day projects present. Working together, we can find the right solutions for projects anywhere in the world.

One of the World's Largest Suppliers

Sika is uniquely positioned as one of the world’s largest suppliers of construction products, with a product portfolio that extends from below ground waterproofing to roofing solutions and everything in between. Environmental stewardship and developing more sustainable solutions through responsible sourcing of materials, reducing impact and improving life cycle performance are at the center of our global strategy. With subsidiaries in 100 countries, Sika has an extensive supply chain network to support projects worldwide.

Sika engineer consults architect on green roof
Sika concrete expert advising engineers during bridge construction

Owner, Investor

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Sika works with international owners to establish standards for their projects worldwide. Whether for greenfield investments or managing existing facilities to extend safe and usable service life, Sika has best fit solutions for it all.

Architect, Engineer

Sika provided the state-of-the-art solutions to restore the concrete and preserve the building structure

Sika has become the trusted partner of countless architecture and engineering design firms worldwide. Our dedicated team of specification managers have comprehensive product knowledge of the complete Sika portfolio, extensive project experience, understanding of design standards, and the expertise to support detail drawings and specification development. 

Main Contractor

Construction site

Sika also has established relationships with contractors and applicators from the largest design-build firms to local specialty applicators. These relationships help to ensure local project support continues as the project moves into construction and that product solutions identified during design are maintained.

Specialist, Applicator

Worker on the roof of the Elephant House in Zurich Zoo

Sika has an extensive network of approved specialty contractors that are familiar with and understand Sika’s products and their safe and correct installation. This helps to avoid many project issues with improper installation of high performance and often technical product solutions.

Sika's Completed Projects

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Our product solutions and global project support provide:

  • Single point of contact for all product technologies and access to the Sika network
  • The best fit solutions for your specific applications
  • Complete solutions from roof to basement
  • Product solutions available in 100 countries
  • Specification and detail development support
  • Local building codes, standards and practical application knowledge
  • Sika specialized and certified contractor network
  • Expert technical assistance throughout your project
  • Single source warranty


Sika’s Project Support Team provides in-depth consultative support for our full product range and represents a single point of contact into the extensive Sika network of experts. Please contact us to learn more or inquire specifically on your current project(s).