Courage for innovation

Sika's success and reputation are based on a long-lasting tradition of innovation. Accordingly, the core of our business is innovation management and a focus on developing quality products and the best solutions for our customers.

We have institutionalized a Product Creation Process with a strong focus on consistently developing new products, systems, and solutions for all markets.

Luz Granizo, Core Technology Head Cementitious Systems, and Michael Danzinger, Core Technology Head Concrete Systems, both work for different kinds of markets and in this video they explain the Sika approach to generating, steering and developing innovations from a technological and from a market point of view.

The way we work and learn

Our extraordinary growth is additionally supported by media such as the social intranet, online learning programs and guidance apps. Working at Sika means lifelong learning, gathering and processing information and getting things done, on- and offline.

Products and Innovation

Products and Innovations

By investing in technology centers and laboratories across the globe, Sika enhances the cooperation with its worldwide network of scientists, partners, and suppliers, while fulfilling the promise to be close to our customers everywhere.

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Technology and communication at Sika

Technology and Communication

Sika is growing and in order to support this growth new ways of communicating play a catalyzing role and help management and staff to succeed in the global market. With channels like Social Media, websites and our communications and collaboration portal - SikaWorld - we aim to continuously increase the interest, engagement and brand investment of stakeholders. 

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Global collaboration

Global Collaboration

As demand for SikaPower® structural adhesives is growing fast all over the world, we transferred the technology to all regions. A team of representatives from the local R&D and Operations departments, together with the Corporate SikaPower® experts, transferred the technology to Brazil, China and the USA. Now we are able to serve our Automotive customers with locally produced SikaPower® adhesives at constant quality in all regions.