The mission of Operations and Production is to provide Sika with products in the most competitive manner while achieving operational excellence in terms of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), Quality, Service-Level, Cost, and Timing.

Driving Operational Leverage and Excellence across the Organization

If you're passionate about bringing ideas forward and working not only with machines but with people, a career in operations and production could be a great choice for you.

To work in operations and production, you must be passionate about helping the company to run its operations in one or more of its over 300 factories in 101 countries. You have great problem-solving abilities, attention to detail and project as well as process management skills, you will find manifold opportunities to bring in your expertise and to grow.

Manifold Opportunities

Sika Duedingen

Sika employees in the domain of operations and production combine knowledge of the materials, procedures, and equipment required to produce quality solutions. This includes sustainability, safety and environmental practices and compliance, quality management, delivery optimization, and financial practice.

Preferred Solution Provider

Sika Chile – Team Operations

Sika is growing sustainably and profitably. The company has become the preferred provider of solutions in the building sector and motor vehicle industry whose systems and products are always delivered in top-notch quality. 
In this context, operational efficiency has a strategic dimension.

Operations Careers for You

Operations careers at Sika include sustainability goals

Some typical functions in operations and production are Project Engineers, Process Engineers, Batch Operators, Plant Managers, Plant Operators, Dispatchers, Driver
Supervisors, Operations Managers, Safety Managers, Fleet Managers, and many more. Please check our job vacancies.