At Sika we are proud to work together with colleagues from all over the world. Our teams constantly strive to find the best solution for both our clients, but also for our colleagues within the company. Teams from different segments of the organization work closely together to come up with innovative solutions to drive our business forward. We encourage all our employees to gain experience in other countries as this builds up our internal network and allows us to learn from each other.

Sika Team Cambodia, Sales

Sika Cambodia - Team HR, Finance, Sales

“Close cooperation between our HR, sales, and finance teams enabled the development of a new collaborative sales tool. This allows us to save time so that we can spend more of it with our customers - giving them a first-class service.”

Sika Team USA

Sika USA – Team Supply Chain Team & Production

“We support customers in all of our market sectors from R&D through to the finished project. Our goal is to produce the next generation of innovative ideas requested by R&D, while creating customer loyalty through continuous process improvements to ensure product availability and on-time shipping.”

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Sika Colombia

Sika Colombia – Team R&D and Sales

“Constantly working close to our clients is how we get ideas for new products. It helps us to realize innovative projects that really meet their expectations.”

Sika Team UK

SIKA UK – Team R&D, Marketing and Product Management

"In the UK we are the market leader in a number of different roofing sectors. Innovation and collaboration between our R&D, marketing, and product management teams is key to our success."

Sika Team Ethiopia

Sika Ethiopia – Team R&D, Marketing, Sales   

“Sika was the first foreign construction chemicals company to establish a production facility in Ethiopia. All our teams, including sales, marketing, and R&D, are involved in finding the right Sika products for our clients. We are proud to bring Sika’s values and know-how to the Ethiopian market.”

Sika Team New Zealand

Sika New Zealand – Team R&D and Concrete

“Our lab team’s skills ensure our concrete team can deliver the rock-solid certainty our customers demand.”