Why should I join Sika?

Sika is a globally operating company that offers a lot of opportunities in a variety of fields. Whether you are looking for a (specialist) technical or chemical role, an administrative job or a job working with cutting edge (IT) technology, we are able to offer a wide scope of positions on all levels of your career.

We pride ourselves on having an open and entrepreneurial culture that people are happy to be a part of. Our Global Employee Survey held in 2019 demonstrated this:  Sika`s employees scored workforce engagement on 86 index points (out of 100) and our teams scored `Proud to work for Sika`at 90 index points.

We aim to reward performance and dedication not only through competitive, performance-based compensation and country-specific benefits, but also by prioritizing the following key areas:

  • Scope for Development
  • Individual Responsibility
  • Pragmatic Working Atmosphere
  • Open Communications
  • Strengths and Reliability

Why join us

Posted on: 08/20/2020
What is important to Sika?

The Sika Spirit is a synonym of the strong set of values and principles which makes up the DNA of the company. Five management principles express the corporate culture and are the foundation of future success:
- Customers First
- Courage for Innovation
- Sustainability and Integrity
- Empowerment and Respect
- Manage for results

Our Values

Posted on: 07/03/2019
What kind of background do I need to have?

Opportunities at Sika suit a diverse range of people with different backgrounds. Having a technical, engineering and/or construction background or business knowledge will give you a head start.
We also have many roles, however, where we are looking for a range of other backgrounds, such as financial, IT or Human Resources.

We firmly believe that, committed employees make the most effort to improve their skills to meet highest standards of performance and ethical conduct.

For a list of currently open positions, click here.

Posted on: 07/03/2019
Where can I apply?

At Sika, dedication and performance have their rewards! Take a look at our job openings or search on specific criteria to find jobs that match your experience and interests. Even without applying to a specific job, you may send your resume/CV.

Job Vacancies

Please note: Job applications are always processed locally. If you want to work in a specific country, please contact the relevant local Sika subsidiary.

Sika Worldwide

Posted on: 07/03/2019
What will the recruitment process involve?

All applications are handled locally. Therefore the local processes apply. If the local Sika company is interested in your application, in general the process would involve a first interview via telephone, internet or at a Sika site. Usually there are further conversations with Sika managers and experts, according to the role.

Posted on: 07/03/2019
What career development programs does Sika offer?

Sika supports your success story with a contemporary system for identification and further development of performance and capabilities. We strive for systematic employee succession planning and identify talented individuals for further growth. Your performance and your potential is rewarded.

Learning and Developing

Posted on: 07/03/2019
Will I have the opportunity to pursue an international career?

Sika is a globally acting company. Sika staff with internationally relevant know-how have possibilities to pursue an international career. However, the individual know-how and expertise must match with the requirements of the international assignment. There is no pre-defined career path. But there are many ways to build international networks through meeting, travel and international postings, to name a few. The opportunities are there for the taking.

Posted on: 07/03/2019
Best Recruiter 2019
Sika - Best Recruiter

We are very proud to have been named Best Recruiter in Switzerland - this is a great recognition for our HR team.

In our recruitment activities our goal is to show potential candidates the strong values we have at Sika. It remains very important to us to offer the candidate the best possible experience and to attract the right talents for our teams.

Daniela Odermatt 

Head HR Corp. Units 

Sika Services AG