In recent years Sika has developed advanced new flooring, walling and joint sealing solutions specifically for cleanroom environments. Manufacturing under cleanroom conditions is becoming increasingly widespread and ever more demanding with regards to VOC emissions, plus limiting AMC’s (Airborne Molecular Contaminants) and Particle emissions. These seamless Sikafloor® solutions do not require welding or adhesives, which also results in a limited number of constituents. As a consequence, the Sikafloor® Clean Room Systems also limit the number of possible sources for emissions and particles.

Less Impact

Sika Flooring solutions for cleanrooms

Case Study: Sikafloor® MultiDur ES-28 EQ is designed for high tech cleanroom environments. It has the lowest classification for emission of VOC’s and can also be used in environments where Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) is a critical selection factor for the flooring system. In comparison with Safety PVC vinyl sheet flooring (to EN 13845), this Sikafloor® system does not require any adhesive or levelling compound. The Cumulative Energy Demand CED of the Sikafloor® MultiDur ES-28 EQ is therefore considerably reduced by comparison.

Cumulative Energy Demand