At Sika, we understand the challenges faced by today's construction professionals. Rapid technological advancements, tight project deadlines, and the ever-evolving demands of the construction landscape necessitate innovative solutions.

Imagine a Portfolio of Digital Products & Tools from Sika

In response to these challenges, we proudly introduce our SikaVision® portfolio – a comprehensive suite designed to help you monitor, optimize, and predict various aspects of your construction projects for better outcomes.


SikaVision digital products light streak in city roads, bridges, buildings

Understanding SikaVision®: Products vs. Tools

Our SikaVision® digital suite comprises both digital products and tools. But what’s the difference between them?

Digital Products

These are sophisticated digital programs that complement our physical products. They are digital offerings that dive deeper into performance enhancement, allowing you to extract maximum value from Sika's products. From real-time concrete quality measurements to corrosion monitoring, our digital products are here to provide next-level support in your construction endeavors.

Digital Tools

Think of our digital tools as your personal construction assistants. They are digital services created to enhance your experience with Sika's products, making your processes more efficient and insightful. Whether you need to calculate material consumption, visualize a facade transformation, or gain expertise through e-learning, our digital tools are readily available to serve you.

Why Choose SikaVision®

SikaVision digital products light streak in city roads, bridges, buildings

SikaVision® represents our commitment to the future of construction.

By integrating these digital tools and products into your projects, you can:

Enhance Efficiency: Streamline your processes, reduce errors, and achieve faster project completions.

Make Informed Decisions: Our simulators, visualizers, and real-time monitoring systems help you stay ahead with data-driven decisions.

Maximize Product Performance: Our digital products ensure that you are getting the most out of your Sika product investments.

Discover each of our digital tools and products in detail by exploring their dedicated webpages.

Digital Tools

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