The Nomination and Compensation Committee (NCC) holds the responsibility for the succession planning. The duties of NCC include:

  • Identification and assessment of potential candidates to positions on the Board based on predefined criteria
  • Yearly assessment of the Board and the Board Committees with regard to performance, constitution and independence
  • Yearly assessment of the performance of each member of the Group Management
  • Identification and assessment of potential candidates to the position of CEO
  • Review of candidates for other Group Management positions as proposed by CEO
  • Yearly review and assessment of the succession planning and emergency succession list for positions of Group Management  

Board Composition

For Sika a well-balanced composition of the Board is of high relevance - with an independent majority – and an appropriate mix of members representing consistency and renewal.

The composition of the Board of Directors should represent the necessary skills, qualifications, and diversity to be able to perform the required duties. Information on key skills and experience of the individual Board members is available in the detailed view of each Board member.

The Board skills matrix is used as a tool to evaluate existing and potential Board members.

  Board Members
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 x
Industry/Business Model                  
Diversity  – Balanced Gender and Geographic Representation                  
Senior Leadership (CEO/Chairman)                  
Global Organization/Geography                  
Business Development/M&A                  
Human Capital/Talent Development/Compensation                  
Brand Value/Marketing/Sales                  
Operational/Manufacturing/Supply Chain