Sika’s Strategy 2028 inspires teams worldwide to passionately make the extraordinary possible. The strategy sets the course, but it is the people who set out on the journey to carry the Sika Spirit into the world. Every day more than 33,000 employees work to achieve our ambitious goals and inspire our customers with their passion and expertise. Working in a culture of collaboration and an environment built on trust, they launch initiatives and deliver projects that underpin Sika’s sustainability ambitions and achieve results that surpass expectations.

We at Sika South Africa have achieved a seamless integration of the local MBCC team, building a collaboration that goes beyond typical business interactions. The new alliance is based on teamwork, knowledge sharing, and mutual support.

Sika South Africa
Laboratory team in Peru

The laboratory team in Peru consists of highly qualified professionals from various scientific disciplines. We focus on innovative and sustainable research and development.

We at Sika Pakistan care for and support each other every day. Our mission is to provide customers with value-added products and application knowledge, while enhancing their business growth

Sika Pakistan
Sika Mexico

We at Sika Mexico are deeply committed to contributing to a sustainable environment. Our focus is to develop high-performance products with minimal environmental impact.

Sika Brazil

At Sika Brazil we are committed to reducing waste and water consumption. Thus, we actively involve teams from production, from the laboratory side, and from sustainability to find innovative solutions

Our team at Sika Saudi Arabia excels at combining individual strengths and fostering open communication. We cultivate a culture of mutual respect and support, consistently achieving significant milestones and setting higher standards of excellence.

Sika Saudi Arabia
Sika Uruguay

At Sika Uruguay, we work to enhance the brand and maintain our market leadership position. Our focus is on expanding into new areas and attracting new customers

Sika Malaysia

In our operations team in Sika Malaysia, we are proud of ensuring the production of high-quality Sika solutions. Together, we use our expertise to drive innovation, efficiency, and excellence in line with Strategy 2028.

This year, our team-building event at Sika Senegal focused on “Customer Centricity”. It emphasized the importance of understanding and prioritizing customer needs, experiences, and satisfaction.

Sika Senegal
Sika Oman

This year, our biggest highlight at Sika Oman has been the integration of MBCC. We have held teambuilding activities to learn from each other and have developed a strong and efficient team which makes the foundation stronger than ever. Together we are Sika! 

During the Day One event in Shakopee, Minnesota, Sika and former MBCC Group employees gathered for a team meeting to get to know each other, celebrate, and enjoy lunch together. 

Day One event  in Shakopee, Minnesota, USA
Sika China

Our expert team for renewable energy at Sika China has successfully gained new business in onshore and offshore wind power. We are proud to contribute to Sika’s strength in building a sustainable future

Sika Germany

Sixty managers from our Sika Germany operations division came together for workshops and discussions to develop plans and initiatives to improve efficiency and collaboration.

We have a great team spirit at the Birr logistics center in Switzerland. We foster open communication and always help and support each other. Our positive atmosphere is strengthened by team events such as this year’s eBike excursion

Sika Switzerland
Sika Cycle event in the UK

The 10th annual Sika Cycle event in the UK, originally born out of enthused and committed employees, embodies the company’s core values. 180 participants from the UK, Ireland, and Europe gather to conquer various challenging routes. The event, which invites customers to experience Sika’s corporate culture, successfully combines fundraising with the love of cycling

In 2023, we established an annual tradition known as Safety Week in Sika Tanzania. The event includes a series of educational seminars, health screenings, and an award for the employee who best exemplifies safety standards.

Sika Tanzania
Sika Egypt

By supplying cutting-edge solutions, Sika Egypt is playing a pivotal role in advancing the construction and development of Sokhna Port, a major logistics gateway in Egypt. Our specialized knowledge and innovative products significantly contribute to the port’s durability and effectiveness.

Sika Colombia

All our teams at Sika Colombia work closely together to provide the best possible customer service and achieve the best results. Our team spirit makes everything possible.

Sika Qatar

We at Sika Qatar focused on team-building activities to foster collaboration and high employee engagement among sales and management staff.

Sika France employees organized a special two-day onboarding program. Designed to let our interns discover the company and introduce them to Sika’s values and corporate culture.

Sika France
Sika Ethiopia

We at Sika Ethiopia are passionate about enabling our customers to achieve their goals through our expertise and dedication. We believe that by partnering with them and providing them with the support they need, we can create a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship.​

Sika Canada

 We volunteered for three days to renovate a youth shelter at the Maison des Jeunes - Pont Rouge, donating construction materials and games. This renovation project underscores our commitment to community service and strengthens the engagement and culture of our team at Sika Canada. ​

Sika Nigeria

At Sika Nigeria, we attribute our 2023 success to a strong foundation in innovation and a consistent focus on quality and creativity.​

Our team at Sika Ireland participated in a local neighborhood clean-up and supported youth entrepreneurship initiatives. We also refurbished group counseling facilities run by local NGOs.​

Sika Tanzania Team
Sika Singapore

At Sika Singapore, we showed exceptional care by organizing a donation drive and distributing 400 gift bags to low-income families and the elderly. ​

At Sika Turkey we proudly sponsored The Educational Volunteers Foundation Republic Day celebrations in various cities on October 29, sharing the 100th anniversary of the Republic with the community. The foundation provides educational support to children in 27 cities across the country. ​

Sika Turkey
Sika UAE

We at Sika UAE work together by combining our diverse strengths toward a common goal. Our unique talents, when combined, exceed individual contributions.​

Sika Croatia

In addition to achieving successful results, we at Sika Croatia were also dedicated to the development of our employees, sustainability, and care for our environment. We, for example, engaged in planting trees on Sljeme hill and clearing forest paths of garbage.​

Sika Sweden

At Sika Sweden we partnered with "Städa Sverige" (Clean Sweden) to clean up a recreational area known for its family-friendly amenities. We carried out the activity together with a local youth floorball team, whch was rewarded with a monetary contribution to their team.​

At Sika Thailand, we showcased our commitment to sustainability on Sika Day 2023, equally prioritizing environmental responsibility and the well-being of children.​

Sika India

During the first Sika Technology Day, our team showcased its latest technologies. This event provided a platform for sales, marketing, and technical teams to gain an insight into these technologies.​

Sika Brazil

During the strategy session at Sika Brazil, our leadership and sales teams focused on integration and key growth strategies, emphasizing teamwork as essential to achieving our goals.​

Sika Colombia

At Sika Colombia, we continuously strive to strengthen our leadership position in the market through customer proximity. ​