A well-built wall, a beautifully colored facade, a perfectly smooth interior wall or ceiling, a temperature-controlled environment, a fresh look and protection for an old exterior wall, a newly restored heritage building, a sustainable surface for an eco-friendly structure - no matter what is your project, Sika will help you choose the right facade or wall solution.

Many Solutions for Exterior and Interior Walls

Illustration of hand trowel applying leveling finishing mortar to brick masonry wall

Facade leveling and decorative finishing for exterior walls, such as mortars and rendering material.

Learn more about Sika facade leveling and decorative finishing.

Illustration of ETICS EIFS facade insulation system applied to building wall with door

Insulated facade systems for exterior walls, such as EIFS, ETICS and other thermal insulation facade finishing systems.

Learn more about Sika external wall insulation systems.

Illustration of Sikagard cleaner product cleaning concrete wall

Cleaning and protection products for exterior walls and facades.

Learn more about Sika facade cleaning and protection.

Illustration of hand trowel applying renovation repair mortar to historic heritage building wall

Mortars and repair solutions for renovation projects or masonry walls, especially suitable for historical, heritage buildings.

Learn more about Sika renovation and masonry mortars.

Illustration of wall leveling for interior finishing in living room with sofas

Solutions for smooth, colorful interior walls, such as wall leveling, finishing and paints.

Learn more about Sika interior wall leveling and paints.

Illustration of tile setting adhesive on facade at balcony of building

Tile setting systems for facades, interior walls, wet rooms and more, including grouting, tile adhesives, waterproofing and joint sealing systems.

Learn more about Sika tile setting systems.

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