Customer First, Courage for Innovation, Sustainability and Integrity, Empowerment and Respect, and Manage for Results are the five core values and principles that are the defining elements of Sika’s corporate culture. These values and principles serve as a compass in all countries where Sika operates and are adhered to by all employees around the globe. Thus, the Group’s culture of trust, transparency, and openness has a firm global foundation that is lived by each employee every day.

Good Corporate Governance safeguards the sustainable development and performance of the company. Sika is committed to openness and transparency and provides information on structures and processes, areas of responsibility and decision procedures, as well as rights and obligations of various stakeholders. 

Employees – The Key to Success

The outstanding engagement of Sika’s employees and their strong identification with the company are key to success. Their great dedication and customer-focused work significantly contribute to the achievement of Sika’s strategic targets.

One of the aims of Sika’s employer branding strategy is to be an attractive employer for the next generations and to counterbalance the impact of the ageing population trend. As a project sponsor of several universities, Sika engages in a lively dialog with young talents and offers a wide range of internship and traineeship opportunities for a variety of different academic backgrounds including chemistry, business studies, industrial engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, and material sciences.

SikaDay in Algeria: WeAreSika Team after beach cleanup

Interesting Perspectives all Around the World

Sika is growing fast and can offer employees adaptable career paths as opposed to rigid development plans. With its culture of flexibility and trust in talents, Sika creates and nurtures individual career opportunities. Internal candidates are given preference.

Sika is proud to have employees who remain with the company for a long time and contribute with their knowledge and experience over a lengthy period. By building an employer brand and introducing related measures focusing on digital communication, Sika is further enhancing its reputation as an employer of choice.

The external recruitment strategy is aimed at hiring and developing young talents, improving gender balance, and attracting more candidates from emerging economies.

Diversity and Inclusion

People of different origins bring new perspectives. At Sika, the assimilation of different ways of thinking and living serves to unlock new potential.

Sika is committed to fostering an inclusive and dynamic working environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to the company’s success.

People of different walks of life