Even as a large, multinational company, Sika has maintained its agility, which allows the company to implement business opportunities quickly. To ensure that this remains the case, employee knowledge must keep up with current trends and market demands. That’s why Sika invests in its employees to promote business resilience by improving their skills, knowledge, and expertise as well as attracting diverse talents, in terms of age, gender, and culture. 

Talent Attraction and Retention

The attraction, retention, and development of talent is key for future Sika growth prospects. Therefore, talent shortage is deemed as one of the top risks for Sika in the Enterprise Risk Management framework. Sika's fast growth and the diversification of the markets will demand numerous management and technical talents, so highly targeted hiring and retention measures are very important to mitigate another risk: the loss of the unique Sika culture.  

To mitigate such risks, the company implements several measures, which are reviewed and updated yearly. Sika's Talent Management program aims to improve people development through comprehensive training offering. Also, the Learning and Development function offers a myriad of skills-based programs supporting the continuous improvement of all employees. Overall, these functions form the Sika Business School. This paves the way to achieving an engaged workforce and fosters a high-performance culture. In addition, the following activities help Sika attract and retain talent:

  • An alignment of people strategy with Sika business strategy and people initiatives between Corporate and Regional Management (i.e., people engagement initiatives, succession planning, talent reviews, etc.).
  • HR marketing and branding initiatives such as the global employer branding campaign called “Going Beyond. Together” to emphasize the environment where employees have a meaningful impact in what they are doing, a safe place to work, and a great team spirit.
  • New approach to performance management with the implementation of the Performance Debrief Dialogue (PDD) process focusing on employees’ key achievements, aspirations, and development needs.
  • Global initiatives on culture, people, and leadership such as Global Employee Survey, Leadership Commitment framework, Sika Day, and Women of Sika campaign.
  • Fostering international careers by offering attractive opportunities to work abroad and supporting assignees with customized agreements based on the international assignment framework and guidelines.

Training Initiatives

Sika takes pride in a comprehensive leadership development portfolio at global, regional, and local level to boost the talent pipeline. The portfolio is constantly growing as the company needs to stay on top of the requirements of the business and adapt the offering to employees’ needs to succeed. The current offering includes:

  • The Global Leadership Program (GLP), which is delivered with the purpose to enhance the required capabilities portfolio to fill the senior level talent pipeline for business-critical key positions.
  • The General Manager Program (GMP), which is dedicated to newly appointed general managers and focuses on training and sharpening business operational skills to confidently head and govern a Sika subsidiary.
  • The Regional Leadership Program (RLP), which is designed to enhance the required capabilities portfolio to fill large country, area, or regional positions for the purposes of stocking the talent pipeline for business-critical key positions.
  • The Leadership Accelerator Program, which is dedicated to first time managers and middle management employees to expand managers’ leadership competencies and increase their individual and team performance.
  • Young Leadership Programs, which are delivered to help young employees to build the future perspective, engage, and expose. It prepares the next generation of Sika leaders with innovative and accelerated development.

Sika Business School 

The Sika Business School provides more than 70 programs which, during the reporting year, have shown a 95% attendance rate. More than 60% of all Sika Business School courses are sales-oriented and aim to develop sales skills within the company. 

Sika Sustainability Academy 

Sustainability is an important business pillar, a competitive advantage and a key component of the company’s innovation drive and Growth Strategy 2023. The Sika Sustainability Academy is Sika’s flagship global sustainability education program, providing the necessary skills, methods, and practical examples to the participants in the countries to develop, coordinate, and implement local activities and projects in all sustainability focus areas to contribute to Sika’s sustainability strategy. 

Local Sustainability Champions

Local Sustainability Champions support the local management and teams in analyzing and prioritizing focus areas, codeveloping sustainability roadmaps, initiating and coordinating activities with business relevance and building up a local sustainability committee to engage employees on all levels.