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Aggregates are the main part of concrete, making up 70% of its volume and 80% of its weight. Additionally, there is a global shortage of high-quality sands and aggregates. Therefore, low quality sand and aggregates will have to be used with continual analysis, in order to maintain high-performing concrete. Learn how Sika's Sand App can more efficiently analyze sand and aggregates for higher quality concrete.

Efficient Analysis for High-Quality Concrete

In a world where high-quality aggregates are increasingly scarce, the Sika Sand App is a critical tool for construction professionals. It redefines aggregate analysis by turning complex sieving processes into an efficient, mobile, and fast task.


Explore the many advantages of the Sika Sand App, which not only elevate your project’s efficiency but also contribute to sustainable and cost-effective construction practices:

  • Optimized Mix Design: Leverage detailed aggregate data to refine mix designs, balancing fines content with environmental impact and cost.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The app’s quick and mobile analysis means faster decision-making, improving project timelines.
  • Versatile Integration: Perfect companion to the Mix Design App and Sika's concrete monitoring sensors.
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Key Features of the Sand App

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Discover the cutting-edge functionalities that set the Sika Sand App apart, making aggregate analysis more efficient and faster than ever before:

  • Innovative Aggregate Analysis: Rapid analysis of particle size distribution and shape parameters directly from your mobile device. Utilizes photos to produce reliable data comparable to traditional methods.
  • Particle Shape Analysis: The Sand App provides information about roundness, sphericity and aspect ratio. This result is not given by the traditional sieving analysis, but would require an additional expensive laboratory device.
  • Efficient Sieving Process: An advanced alternative to traditional sieving methods, offering faster, on-site results in one-quarter of the time, compared to traditional analysis. Unlike traditional sieving, the Sand App uses all theoretically available sieves.
  • Mobile and Versatile: Use the app in various environments, outside traditional laboratories, for on-site convenience.
  • Comprehensive Data Reporting: Generates detailed reports including sieve curves and particle shape distribution bar charts.

Get in Touch to Know More

The Sika Sand App can be installed and set up on any mobile device (on both iOS and Android platforms), and is already available in select countries. The app has been designed for ease of use, requiring a short training to ensure you get the best results.

Contact our experts to learn more about the Sika Sand App, and find out if it's already available in your country.

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