The water industry is essential to the population especially in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors by providing drinking water and waste water treatment services. Water treatment plants and water towers collect, treat and deliver water to end users such as households, industrial and agricultural users. Sewers and waste water treatment plants collect, remove and treat waste water and sewage.

Water use has been growing substantially in recent decades. It is estimated that the global annual growth of the water infrastructure market is 5-6%, while a lot of existing water infrastructure is being renovated to extend its service life.

The global water infrastructure market grows 5-6% annually, and
growth in India and China.¹
of all waste water is still untreated.¹
In Europe, there is an average of
meters of public sewer per European inhabitant.²
An estimated
4.2 billion
people worldwide had access to safely managed sanitation services in 2020.³

Drinking Water Facilities by Region

Pie chart graphic showing breakdown of drinking water facilities by region
Sika has been present in water infrastructure projects in
continents (except Antarctica).
Globally, there are roughly
waste water treatment plants, out of which about 25,000 are in Europe.⁴
In the US alone,
23 billion
liters of water leaks daily.¹

Build Better with Sika

La Wantzenau waste water treatment plant refurbishment in Strasbourg, France drone photo birds eye view

To address the increasing demand for clean water, the challenge of water shortage and worldwide water pollution, stringent regulations and standards for water facilities have been implemented. Sika is committed to valuable contributions with construction and refurbishment solutions to build water retaining structures better.

Sika has the most complete, comprehensive range of products and systems to meet the specific needs and requirements of owners of water facilities, architects, engineers and contractors on site all around the world. Our engineers are able to support customers throughout projects - determining the best waterproofing concept, detailed design, detailing, support for successful installation and completion on site, and remedial solutions for any existing structures.

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