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Sometimes, the most pivotal moment in concrete production and installation is actually during batching and transporting to the construction site. It is challenging to monitor the concrete quality and ensure it meets demanding requirements every step of the way.

Concrete Quality Control from Production to Delivery

The Sika Concrete Monitoring system with CiDRA SmartHatch transforms the way concrete quality is monitored and managed. This intelligent system goes beyond the standard to deliver not only real-time measurements of your concrete’s properties, but also to provide insights that lead to actionable decisions. Its seamless integration into your existing hatches ensures a perfect fit and an increase in operational efficiency.

CiDRA SmartHatch is not just a system; it’s a smart operational strategy embedded into your workflow. With the ability to watch and adjust concrete loads in transit, quality control personnel can act preemptively, ensuring every truckload meets the exacting standards required. This anticipatory approach not only maintains the integrity of the concrete but also upholds your reputation for quality.

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Sika Concrete Production: Cementitious material storage and ready-mix truck

CiDRA SmartHatch Concrete Monitoring offers a breadth of benefits that elevate concrete delivery to new standards of excellence:

  • Time-Efficient Operations: By providing precise, continuous measurements, the system significantly reduces the need for manual testing.
  • Built to Integrate: Our system is meticulously designed to fit into OEM hatches, ensuring that installation is streamlined and non-invasive to your current operations.
  • Archiving for Accountability: Every metric measured is archived, creating a robust database for quality control and a reliable defense against any future claims.
  • Optimized Load Management: Real-time monitoring allows for immediate adjustments, reducing the incidence of rejected loads by ensuring specifications are met before arrival on-site.
  • Enhanced Quality Control: Expand your oversight with detailed insights, allowing a quality control (QC) manager to direct teams effectively, even from remote locations.

Key Features

Each feature of the CiDRA SmartHatch is designed with the user in mind, ensuring that from the batch plant to the jobsite, quality control is uncompromised and consistently in your hands.

  • Automated Real-Time Monitoring: With CiDRA SmartHatch, embrace a new era where continuous measurement of concrete quality parameters becomes part of your daily routine.
  • Volume Tracking: Know exactly what’s coming back to you. Our advanced technology tracks returning volume to mitigate waste and maximize profitability.
  • Intuitive Data Access: Data management becomes as straightforward as it is powerful.
  • In-Cab Display: Stay informed at every turn. Our in-cab display provides drivers with immediate, easy-to-understand metrics for on-the-go adjustments.
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Customer Testimonials

"Cidra’s SMARThatch has been a great addition to our company and the way we operate. We use it on several trucks in our fleet to do QC spot-checking on air percentage and temperature, giving us on the job information of what’s going on and also freeing up time to do more. The staff at Cidra are great to work with and always looking to improve the way SMARThatch works. The new feature of volume has also been very helpful, letting us know exactly how much our trucks are bringing back and not having to guess the amount. We highly recommend this system!" Adam Fariss, President, Finly Corporation
"SMARThatch is one of the most innovative products to come to the ready mix concrete industry. For years, concrete suppliers have spent countless time and capital on quality control & assurance to ensure their product is within specification and will exceed expectations. Since fitting our fleet with SMARThatch, we are able to monitor our product on the go and ensure we will deliver with superior quality, every time. Being able to monitor concrete temperature, air content and more in real-time is important to not only the concrete supplier, but also our customers. It has revamped our Quality Control procedures, and we are truly pleased with the system. We look forward to our continuous utilization of SMARThatch, as they set the standard for QC/QA in our industry." Nick Macchio, Operations Manager, DKN Ready Mix, LLC

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