"Building Trust" is the brand promise of Sika. Ethical behavior and integrity build the foundation for trust.

As a globally operating company, we are aware of the responsibility to act ethically and in compliance with the law. Compliance is not just a word for us; it is a central part of our corporate culture. We view compliance as a non-negotiable prerequisite to gain and maintain the trust of our customers and partners. Sika is committed to building trust and integrity in all areas of our business.

Our website provides insights into Sika's integrity and compliance management, the whistleblower system - Sika Trust Line - as well as our stance on human rights.

Integrity and ethic: The foundation of trust


We firmly believe that integrity and ethical behavior are not only integral parts of our business model but also fundamental values that define our company. As a result, Sika has established the following cornerstones for integrity and ethical behavior:


Based on these cornerstones, Sika has developed the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct serves as a guide for our daily actions and commits us to behavior that aligns with high ethical standards. Compliance with the Code of Conduct is not just an obligation for Sika; it is a promise we make to our customers, partners, and all other stakeholders worldwide.

In addition, Sika has specifically developed a Code of Conduct for suppliers. This code outlines expectations regarding the behavior of suppliers towards Sika and serves as the basis for shaping the business relationship.

Our reporting system: The Sika Trust Line

Integrity and ethical behavior are deeply anchored in the values and principles of Sika, forming the foundation for building trust.

Sika Trust Line

In the event that Sika is associated with non-compliant behavior, whether intentional or unintentional, this can lead to long-term damage to reputation and significant economic harm.

Therefore, it is crucial to counteract potential violations, such as those against the Code of Conduct. The Sika Trust Line ensures the possibility of a secure, confidential, and, if desired, anonymous reporting of an incident. Employees, customers, suppliers throughout the entire supply chain, and all other stakeholders are encouraged to report potential incidents or violations using the Sika Trust Line. If desired, reports can be made anonymously.

All submitted reports are handled by the Corporate Compliance Team. The compliance team members are impartial, independent, and treat every report confidentially. Discrimination and any retaliatory actions against reporting individuals are not tolerated.

What happens after a concern has been reported?

Step 1

The sender of a report will receive an acknowledgment within seven working days at the latest. After receiving the report, the Corporate Compliance Team will contact the sender to discuss the matter and any further steps.

Step 2

The complaint will then be carefully examined in the next step to determine its credibility. It will be assessed whether there is sufficient information for proper further processing. If the criteria are met, an investigation will be initiated. If the reporting person is known, the Compliance Team may reach out to gather additional details. Throughout the complaint process, the reporter is actively engaged in an appropriate manner. If the complaint is not substantiated, the Compliance Team will officially close the case, and the whistleblower will be informed of the outcome.

Step 3

If the results of the complaint process confirm its validity, Sika will formulate and execute suitable preventive or remedial actions. This may encompass personnel interventions aimed at preventing, rectifying, or mitigating the identified risks or violations. 

Human rights: Our responsibility

Human rights

As a signatory of the UN Global Compact and in accordance with the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the core Conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO), Sika promotes the protection of universally acknowledged human and labor rights. In its Code of Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct and the annual Compliance Confirmation, Sika has defined minimum human and labor rights standards to be implemented globally, including the prohibition of forced, slave, compulsory or child labor, the freedom of association, the prohibition of any form of discrimination, and the guarantee of fair compensation and equal opportunities for all employees.

With hundreds of operations around the globe, Sika is active in many regions that rank high on human rights risk indices. Sika takes its responsibility seriously to prevent human rights violations in its own operations and to implement adequate measures to assure that no such violations occur in its supply chain.