Strong global position

World market leader in construction chemicals

Maximum proximity to the customer

Leading adhesive producer for industrial markets

First mover in emerging markets (36% of sales)

Significant potential for structural growth in emerging markets

Leading global brand

Entrepreneurial company culture   

Solid financial position (A-rating)

national subsidiaries
factories worldwide
patents filed since 2015

Sika has solutions for all markets

Sika is ideally positioned to profit from all phases of the construction life-cycle.

Emerging Markets: mainly new build, focus on infrastructure construction which requires international building standards.

Developing Markets: market education and increase of building standards drive demand for more sophisticated solutions.

Mature Markets: mainly refurbishment, Sika offers the whole range of technologies needed for repair and refurbishment.

Sika solutions for the whole life cycle of buildings and structures

Sika's market potential

Fragmented global industry offers significant growth potential.

  • Sika as the largest construction chemicals company worldwide with a global market share below 10%
  • Plenty of room to grow

Attractive industry & markets

Growing underlying markets

  • Market volume 2018:    >CHF 70 billion
  • Market volume 2020:   CHF 80 billion

Megatrends driving social and ecological transformation


By 2050, some 75% of the world’s population will live in urban centers. In Africa and Asia in particular, a substantial structural shift in the migration of people from rural to urban areas is expected. In the developed industrialized nations, there is a shift toward suburban centers. In major cities and their peripheral zones, demand is rising for living space and infrastructure installations. This drives Sika’s growth.

Climate Change

Climate Change and Scarcity of Resources

The challenges confronting the environment continue to have the utmost priority. Resource-efficient solutions that are low in CO2 emissions are required. Sika is supporting this development by consistently aligning its organization with sustainability.

The economic influence of the emerging markets is steadily rising

Dynamic Economy

Relative to the industrialized nations, the economic influence of the emerging markets is steadily rising. The populations and economic output of Asian and a number of African countries are growing fast. Sika is responding to this development by further strengthening its position in the emerging markets through both internal and external growth.

Technological progress

Technological Progress

Digitalization and automation have taken on a whole new level of importance in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. This trend is clearly to be seen in the area of modular building. Workflows need to be more efficient – also to comply with more rigorous safety standards. This development is increasing Sika’s determination to rise to the corresponding challenges and rapidly expand its position as innovation leader.

Demographic change

Demographic Change

Due to the increasing aging of the population, skilled labor remains in short supply. Fewer personnel are deployed on building sites and in manufacturing businesses. Sika is responding to this trend by accelerating construction and manufacturing processes with new solutions that are easy to apply.