Strong global position

World market leader in construction chemicals

Maximum proximity to the customer

Leading adhesive producer for industrial markets

First mover in emerging markets (36% of sales)

Significant potential for structural growth in emerging markets

Leading global brand

Entrepreneurial company culture   

Solid financial position (A-rating)

national subsidiaries
factories worldwide
patents filed since 2015

Sika has solutions for all markets

Sika is ideally positioned to profit from all phases of the construction life-cycle.

Emerging Markets: mainly new build, focus on infrastructure construction which requires international building standards.

Developing Markets: market education and increase of building standards drive demand for more sophisticated solutions.

Mature Markets: mainly refurbishment, Sika offers the whole range of technologies needed for repair and refurbishment.

Solutions for all markets

Sika's market potential

Fragmented global industry offers significant growth potential.

  • Sika as the largest construction chemicals company worldwide with a global market share below 10%
  • Plenty of room to grow

Attractive industry & markets

Growing underlying markets

  • Market volume 2018:    >CHF 70 billion
  • Market volume 2020:   CHF 80 billion

Megatrends driving social and ecological transformation

Rapid Urbanization

The expansion of megacities is proceeding apace, with infrastructure in all areas needing to be extended and modernized. To accommodate growing populations, high-rise living is a concept that is being taken to the next level. As a comprehensive solutions provider, Sika is making such developments possible.

Climate Change

Climate Change

Faced with climate change and the scarcity of resources, what is needed are new ideas and sustainable energy sources, products, and processes that are both low emission and resource efficient. Sika is accelerating this development with innovative solutions.

Asia and Africa are gaining in significance

Dynamic Economy

Asia and Africa are gaining in significance thanks to the momentum of their economies and the growth in their populations. Sika is expanding its position in these emerging markets in a targeted manner and harnessing the opportunities that are opening up in these regions.

Patented print head developed by Sika for 3D concrete printing

Technological Progress

Digitalization is accelerating the pace of networking and interlinkage, bringing about radical change in how people work. Sika is leveraging innovative technologies and initiatives to drive this transformation in its industries.

Demographic change

Demographic Change

Labor shortages are growing as populations get older, all against a backdrop of shifts in consumer behavior. For this reason, Sika is increasing automation, breaking new ground in logistics, and focusing on easy-to-apply solutions.